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Chaillot – Théâtre National de la Danse

January-February 2020
A highly anticipated event by aficionados, this is the 4th anniversary of the flamenco art Biennale jointly curated by Chaillot and the Seville Biennale. With an eye to giving audiences the widest range of flamenco forms, this Biennale is marked by conversations between artists from seemingly remote cultural and aesthetic backgrounds. Such is the case with Eva Yerbabuena, who incorporated Anna Sato’s vocals after travelling to Japan, or the hodgepodge embodied by the duo of Marie-Agnès Gillot and Andrés Marin on the same stage, under the eye of Christian Rizzo.
Exponents of a more traditional flamenco are still featured. Some of whom – such as performers David Coria or Ana Morales – will make their debut as choreographers.