Consolidated as a benchmark of style, originality and elegance. Each design is unique and finely handmaid by artisans, giving each garment the status of Haute Couture. What is striking in this designer is her exceptional ability to carry out impossible combinations, not only in fabrics and colours, but also in styles, where she masterfully combines the aesthetics of the past with cutting edge creative ideas. Zahíno’s needle has been inspired, season after season, with themes that make her passionate: she has recreated the four seasons; the romanticism of women, courtesans and villagers, the far east; bullfighting; the legendary world of pirates; she has even given life to paintings and figures from a museum.

It is a magical universe that seduces those who allow themselves to be carried away. Encarna Solá designs the complements that enrich and fit Zahino’s designs like a glove. For the accompaniments, her faithful partner, Encarna Solá, once again displays her unique creativity in the development of exclusive and amazing pieces.